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Arduino Uno And Other Recommended Projects

Today, we will continue to recommend you some amazing projects for beginners, but before that, we would like to introduce the Arduino Uno a little. We have cited an article here which explains in details what arduino uno is and why it is important among all the Arduino formats. As the article says, “one of the most popular Arduino formats to date is the Arduino Uno”. All in all, the importance of arduino uno can be embodied in two points. First is its stability and popularity. Second is that it’s great for beginners. That’s why the starter kit we are selling includes a uno.


Now let’s read the article together and get to know more about arduino uno:

Recommended Projects

After introducing what arduino uno is and some of its features, the article also attach another page which further introduces some good projects for arduino beginners, which include a connected thermostat, home automation, digital combination lock, phone-controlled electronics, internet motion sensor and a hotbed of ideas.


In the following video, you can also have a look at how the guy has fun with his arduino starter kit.

Connecting an LCD to the Arduino

Connecting an LCD to the Arduino

LCD is very popular in the use of Arduino. Many people would like to connect a LCD to their Arduino. However, for a beginner, the connection may be a little complicated. Here is an article explaining the process.

SainSmart is also selling all kinds of LCDs for Arduino, among which the 1602 LCD keypad shield is the most popular. Besides, we also provide LCDs with a touch screen.


Sainsmart LCD keypad Arduino shield review

Here is a review about the Sainsmart LCD keypad Arduino shield. Let’s see how our customer says about it.

Cool Projects for Arduino Beginners

Every beginners of Arduino tend to face such a problem: What projects should I start with? There’s no doubt that it’s better to start with something easy and not very expensive. However, at the same time, you surely want your first project to be cool and amazing. Then how about making a traffic light controller?


This project is not very expensive and very interesting. In additon to the basic Arduino, you just need:

  • A red, yellow and green LED.
  • A breadboard.
  • 3 x suitable resistors for the LEDs you have ( probably 220 Ohms is fine).
  • Connecting wires.
  • A pushbutton switch.
  • A high value resistor (10k).

All these materials are not difficult to find. For the detailed information, you may click the following link:


If you still think a traffic light controller is a bit hard for you, you may have a look the other ten projects for beginners we recommend you here:


You may do these projects with your starter kit.


When you have made your first arduino project and stepped into electronics world truly, then let’s expect we can do the top 40 arduino projects of the Web one day!


Before that, have a look and marvel at its glamour:





Cool T-shirts—Memorizing the First Anniversary of SainSmart

SainSmart has been founded for one year. There have been ups and downs for the past one year, but thanks to your support, we are becoming increasingly stronger. In memory of this special moment, we make some cool T-shirt. Those who buy goods that amount to more than $150 will get it for free. Those who become our forum’s registered users and post discussion that has many replies, will also get a free T-shirt as an award.


In the middle of the T-shirt, you can see our log—SainSmart Boy.



The number of the T-shirts is limited, so catch the chance before they are all sold out.


For more information, please click the link below:

Mini PC—Your Portable Personal Computer

Mini PC has silently spread up the electronic market. For those who enjoy HD movies and video games, this product is the very equipment they need. This small computer is just a little bigger than a USB flash driver. It can be connected to your TV and to Internet. It runs Android, by which you can have huge access to different apps.


Rikomagic is one of the best manufacturers for producing Mini PC. Now let’s look at a video uploaded by a customer to see how it works.

As you can see, the model being demonstrated here is MK802, which is the basic model. The latest model now the the MK802ⅢS. Compared to its old version of Rikomagic MK802 III, it has several new amazing features. The most conspicuous feature is the Bluetooth support. Although it might not be an essential function, it still provides us one more option. Its adding of ESD circuit obviously enables the mini PC to be more stable. Another feature is that now you can turn off the mini PC without unplugging it. This is a huge progress.

In SainSmart online store, you are able to get Mini PC of different models.

Don’t Know How to Get Started with Your Arduino?

Many beginners are likely to confront such a problem: after they buy an Arduino, they have no idea how they should start. Helpful manuals are very important. Eever product sold by us is attached with detailed instruction. Then you don’t need to be so worried about it.

In addition to manuals, you may have to look for some tutorials as well. Since it’s not so easy to find paper tutorials and it’s not convenient to carry a heavy book with you everywhere, we have found a very useful online tutorial for you.  There are several lessons in this tutorials by which you can have better understands of  Arduino.


Now come and see this online tutorial:

Driving a SainSmart relay with Raspberry Pi

Driving a SainSmart relay with Raspberry Pi

Here is an article that how well SainSmart relays can work with Raspberry Pi.

SainSmart UNO R3 Starter Kit With 16 Basic Arduino Projects

Today we will recommend the starter kit for Arduino Projects. Many  beginners tend to be confused about how to choose their first set of Arduino. You may go to the forum to ask for help and people there would give you thorough advice on what to choose. However, for a beginner who is not so familiar with all the components, it would take great efforts to get all of them and at the same time, to guarantee the good quality of them.

Actually, you can totally avoid all the trouble and get a stater kit. Arduino Starter Kit is not un common in the market. However, it is often out of stock in many online stores or relevant forums which also sell it. Our newly launched Arduino Starter Kit is in full stock now. You don’t need to worry about the stock issue.


By buying our start kits, you can satisfy all your basic needs for your initial Arduino projects.  You will get:

*the latest SainSmart UNO R3 development board
*the most common and useful electronic components
*the detailded tutorial with 16 basic projects
*the complete Arduino project source cod

Here is the box list:



  •    ATmega328-AU microcontroller
  •     Input voltage – 7-12V
  •     5V Electric current : 500MA
  •     3.3V Electric current : 50MA
  •     14 Digital I/O Pins (6 PWM outputs)
  •     8 Analog Inputs
  •     32k Flash Memory
  •     16Mhz Clock Speed

Come and get more information in our online store: