Mini Arduino Portable EEG – Brain Wave Monitor


Parts List / Tools Needed:

1 Arduino Uno R3
1 SainSmart 1.8 ” Color TFT Display
1 Mini Breadboard
1 Mind Flex  EEG Headband -To monitor Brain Wave signals as described Here I recomend you review this project before starting to build this instructable. You will need to download the brain library found in the website
3 x AAA Batteries (for Mind flex headband)
1 x 9v battery +  (9v to Arduino power adapter cable, for portability) – optional, but needed to enter the battery operated contest! (if you like this instrucable , please vote for me 🙂
Jumper Wires
Scrap wire /  cable from your Junk Box about 12″ long
Soldering Iron
Wire Cutter /  Stripper
Screwdriver ,small Phillips head
Magnifying Glass

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