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Cool Projects for Arduino Beginners

Every beginners of Arduino tend to face such a problem: What projects should I start with? There’s no doubt that it’s better to start with something easy and not very expensive. However, at the same time, you surely want your first project to be cool and amazing. Then how about making a traffic light controller?


This project is not very expensive and very interesting. In additon to the basic Arduino, you just need:

  • A red, yellow and green LED.
  • A breadboard.
  • 3 x suitable resistors for the LEDs you have ( probably 220 Ohms is fine).
  • Connecting wires.
  • A pushbutton switch.
  • A high value resistor (10k).

All these materials are not difficult to find. For the detailed information, you may click the following link:



If you still think a traffic light controller is a bit hard for you, you may have a look the other ten projects for beginners we recommend you here:



You may do these projects with your starter kit.


When you have made your first arduino project and stepped into electronics world truly, then let’s expect we can do the top 40 arduino projects of the Web one day!


Before that, have a look and marvel at its glamour: