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Incredible DIY Daft Punk Helmet Project

We’ve covered some downright superb daft punk projects in the past, but this helmet is one of the best so far. It took 17 long months to build and was documented fairly well in the project’s build notes.  The video below is a great walkthrough of the build as well.

The helmet is shaped from resin, finished with chrome, and illuminated with LEDs. The rainbow illumination effect is a result of LEDs housed in a pattern around the shape of the helmet. An Arduino, AA batteries, and potentiometers help to control the lighting and are attached externally to the Daft Punk helmet.

17 months seems like an absurdly long time, but consider the entire build process including molding, casting, sculpting, painting, and electronic wizardry that went into it.  Worth it?  If you’re a die hard fan.  Otherwise, we’ll stick with some less time intensive daft punk projects.

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Amazing!! DIY Furniture from Recycled Circuit Boards

They may appear to be a monstrous mess from a distance, but look closely and you’ll see the extreme detail in this project.  The Binary furniture collection is as new age you can get; or as geeky.   All three were made from pieces of salvaged electronics: everything from ethernet cables and PCBs. For instance, the inner skeleton of the Binary Table (above) is made from computer case metal and the surface is motherboards, LCD screens, and hard drives.

  • The Binary Chairs have cushion cover weaved from wire (see below), typically stripped Ethernet cables, in a slightly random but colorful mosaic configuration. The hard drive disks can be spun, the telephone keys and other buttons can be pressed, and the antennae raised and adjusted.



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This is amazing!!! Make Circuitry Art from scrap

Art from junk is no longer a novel idea. We’ve seen a few neat circuitry art projects before, but this one has a unique twist.  Odds are, if you’re reading this you have a collection electronic parts and leftovers. The robots seen above come with their own inspiring set of instructions to show you how to put together odds and ends to convert them into sculptures.

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DIY Circuit Board Table Decor

DIY Circuit Board Table Decor–why not make a same one for yourself?

Have a few dozen spare motherboards or PCB’s lying around?  Make them into a table!  Essentially, the makers took a standard table, attached the circuit boards to it, then topped it a clear transparent acrylic sheet.

circuit-table01 circuit-table02

The acrylic sheet is mounted on a series of clear spacers, so it almost gives the effect of floating on top of the circuits. Look closely before you design one for your home/office décor as different sized motherboards are precisely fitted together in a neat pattern.  In total, the circuit board table took about 6 hours to finish making it an awesome weekend project!

read more:http://hacknmod.com/hack/diy-circuit-board-table-decor/