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HUMAVIPS robot finds you in a party

What makes a good friend? All right. Ability to recognize a number of other people, from These are the social skills of a team of researchers has given operating system € 2.600.000 € of funding from the European Commission sought to create in three years for new Arduino robot.

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“Humanoids with hearing and visual abilities in populated” project to test new ways to help the autonomous mobile robots to mimic the social skills that we can “cocktail effect” or the ability of a person or a lone voice among the noise and called several other people. In the past there were many best arduino robots with any type of voice or facial recognition software, but it has a different level HUMAVIPS robot. The ability to focus on one person, this type of system a large group of data that could be something specific to focus on just the next step in the direction of anthropomorphic robots.
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Another way to understand this robot is able to communicate with friends and maybe people gestures. Project Director and Director of Research INRIA, Radu Horaud, he explained, as shown by neurophysiological experiments, exercise activates the auditory areas of the brain. Wholesale arduino robot with an emphasis on his words with gestures is one thing that is not given much importance in the past, and add an interesting dynamic interaction between humans and robots.
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As Horaud reveals the goal of all of these studies is to determine ultimately HUMAVIPS robots in a room full of people to enter and be able to be the voice of one, select the person you want to talk to him, we are focused on themselves and go to the development of communication involved. To achieve this goal, it is much more complicated than that, but what I think people think it’s not so easy to get the other.

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