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Mini PC—Your Portable Personal Computer

Mini PC has silently spread up the electronic market. For those who enjoy HD movies and video games, this product is the very equipment they need. This small computer is just a little bigger than a USB flash driver. It can be connected to your TV and to Internet. It runs Android, by which you can have huge access to different apps.


Rikomagic is one of the best manufacturers for producing Mini PC. Now let’s look at a video uploaded by a customer to see how it works.

As you can see, the model being demonstrated here is MK802, which is the basic model. The latest model now the the MK802ⅢS. Compared to its old version of Rikomagic MK802 III, it has several new amazing features. The most conspicuous feature is the Bluetooth support. Although it might not be an essential function, it still provides us one more option. Its adding of ESD circuit obviously enables the mini PC to be more stable. Another feature is that now you can turn off the mini PC without unplugging it. This is a huge progress.

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